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News Articles of Intererst

WVU leads efforts to study recovery of rare earth elements from coal mining waste

BAPE cites 'uncertainties' and 'low acceptability' in report on future of uranium mining in Quebec

As opposition grows, uranium miners fear their days in Quebec are numbered

Tailings dam failures to continue, experts say

Rapport du BAPE sur l'uranium: la controverse se poursuit

Algonquins Critical of Quebec's Conflict of Interest with High Risk $4 Million Investment in Rare Earths Open Pit Mining Project

APTN Investigates - Rare Earth

Matamec Announces the Creation of a Joint Venture with Ressources Quebec for the Kipawa Deposit


BAPE à Kipawa : moratoire demandé par les communautés autochtones

Algonquins Oppose Quebec's High Risk $1 Million Investment in Rare Earths Open Pit Mining Project

Algonquin First Nations oppose Matamec's rare earths project

Toyota backs away from rare earth metals mine in Quebec

Matamec converts Toyota partnership from joint venture to profit sharing

Matamec doit se trouver un nouveau partenaire financier

Rare Earth Recycling Takes On New Luster

Parlvu RNNR Meeting No. 14 – Rare Earth Mining

Terres Rares: Tyrrell vs Breton

The search for transparency in a global gold rush for rare earths

The Green Party of Quebec does not support Rare Earth Mining

Environment Group APART launches studies into risks of air pollution for the Kipawa Rare Earth project

Toyoto Prius Not So Green After All

What you need to know about rare earth metal mining

Opponent Fears for Lake

Temiscaming Residents Rally Against Mine

Peaceful protest in Kipawa against Matamec mining project

Rare Earths Mine Under Scrutiny

Wolf Lake and Eagle Village First Nations call for a joint review panel for the federal environmental impact assessment for the Kipawa Rare Earths project

China’s Rare Earth Warning

Rare Earth Metals Not the Only Answer, Says UConn Chemist

La Coalition Quebec Ait Meilleure Mine requests a provincial environmental impact assessment and BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnment) for the Kipawa Rare Earths project

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