Mission Statement

The mission of the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society is to preserve the Kipawa watershed as it is, environmentally healthy and unpolluted, through constant dialogue, education and protective initiatives that involve the local population, general public, government officials and corporations directly or indirectly related to the Kipawa watershed.

As a group of concerned citizens, our goal is to bring the attention of the local, provincial and federal governments to the issues that endanger the environmental health and future of the Kipawa watershed. Currently a major issue is the mining exploration and proposed rare earth mine. In addition to the threats posed by all open pit mining operations, rare earth mining poses unique risks and has never been carried out in a safe manner. Additional information about mining and proposed projects as well as how you can help can be found on our website. 


The Kipawa Lake Preservation Society is a group of local and seasonal residents of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. Our goals are to lobby for the long term protection of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. We are concerned about the many threats to this watershed and the impacts they will have on the health of the ecosystem and nearby communities.

We are led by a volunteer executive committee:

Chair – Christina Moreau
Co-Chair – Roxane McKenzie
Secretary – Mary Mckenzie
Treasurer – Joshua Trudeau
Environmental Coordinator – To be announced
Graphic Design and Media – Donna Pariseau